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IHI Corporation

Towards Our Borderless World. Towards Our Evergreen Earth.
Towards Our Precious Future.

Company Business

IHI Group Business

The IHI Group has expanded its business into various fields over the years, beginning with shipbuilding, then employing its expertise in mechanical engineering to develop and manufacture machinery for use on land and, subsequently, extending its operations into the aerospace industry. 

IHI Group Business Areas

・Resources, Energy and Environment
・Social Infrastructure, Offshore Facilities
・Industrial Systems, General-Purpose Machinery
・Aero Engine, Space and Defense                                    

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Company's Policy

IHI Group Aims

The IHI Group seeks to solve the various environmental,industrial, social,and energy related problems of the 21st century, through using engineeringexpertise to focus on “ Monozukuri” technology. In striving towardsthese goals, IHI is becoming a global enterprise offering the safety and security for the benefit of both the environment and humanity. Monozukuri” Technology   means the technology used to improve the competitiveness of products and services offered, by strengthening the capabilities required in development,design, supply, manufacture and construction. 

Employee’s Aims

In order to create value for the customer, IHI group employees must aim to work as distinguished professionals, striving to excel as a global company  in “Monozukuri” and engineering technologies with world-renowned product quality .

Company Information

Company Name IHI Corporation
Head Office (Address)TOYOSU IHI BUILDING., 1-1, Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8710, Japan
PresidentTamotsu Saito, CEO
Year of establishmentDecember 5, 1853
Capital95.7 billion yen
Net sales(Consolidated) 1,256 billion yen (Fiscal year 2012 ended March 31, 2013)
Employees(Consolidated) 26,618 (as of March 31, 2013)
Branches and sales offices in Japan 18
Overseas offices14 (including Branch)
Subsidiaries251 (including 165 overseas companies,as of June 30, 2013)

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