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Education for Freshman

IHI designs individual education program for each freshman. The education program lasts for 3 years. This program is for you to be a” Real" Business person IHI arranges Senior Trainer to you one by one.  Don' be shy and nervous. You can ask them whatever you don't know. 1 week training for Business Manner and so on.  This is basic business training.1 month on-site training at IHI’s domestic factories You will learn ・Manufacturing process ・Importance of Health & Safety ・Lecture of technology (By each tech filed) ・Program by sector ・Program by class

Education for Overseas freshman

Online Japanese Training for 3months before start working. (if you will be R&D staff, you can come to Japan earlier and   choose Online / Attend the class) Learn IHI's recruitment, position, training , in-house system  and support program for Internatioal students. Learn ・Japanese society/company style ・How to write business Japanese ・IHI's global strategy/ project ・How to protect yourself from      earthquake  ・Advice from senior International staff IHI will pay you examination fee for JLPT/BJT (Japanese test)  one time per annual, if you are within 3 year of company.

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