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Construction Detail

The construction industry involves jobs to design, plan, and construct buildings.
The unique factor of this industry is their clients and costumers vary.

They can be
・Private companies
・Public sectors
・Governments, or
・An individual person.

Many construction companies have been downsizing due to the hiked price of materials, reduced budgets, public work’s cancellations, and decrease in demand for department construction, monetary tightening caused by sub-prime loans, etc.

On the other hand, renovation business has been developing caused by the earthquake.
The construction industry is inevitable for company’s infrastructure improvement.
We’re all surrounded by houses, commercial buildings, and any other buildings. As long as Japan exists, this industry will be always in demand.

This industry is not booming at the moment due to the recession, so it’s time for the industry to develop technology in clean room fields needed for production lines of semi-conductors, liquid crystals, and earth quake resistant technology so that business can be run aggressively when more stable times for construction investments come.

This industry requires independent mind/action and problem solving skills to adopt environment changes and is suitable for people who likes creating new things from scratch, are self-motivated, and willing to challenge new things.

There would be a lot of time when workers need to think mathematically and logically when it comes to designing buildings.
Because this industry involves fields where people can achieve their goals by using their own unique talents like interior coordinators.

This industry also requires people who are thinking of becoming specialists that adopt their knowledge and technology actively, are usually interested in this industry regardless of your majors.

Moreover, this industry needs people with excellent communication skills in order to communicate with wide ranged people such as public sectors, private companies, citizens who live around the construction sites.

Preferable students for Construction industry

This business starts zero bases. You have to create new thing from zero.

This business requires you to have skills
・ Thinking and Action by yourself
・ Flexibility for the market change
・ Challenging sprits for new world / filed
・ Creation new business and new things

Archtecher needs logical thinking and mathematic thinking.
On the other hand, Interior coordinator requires your own sensitivity.
Therefore, if you aggressively absorb special knowledge and technic, you can be specialist of interior coordinator.

There are various clients, from individual to government.
Communication skills with them are the most important for this industry.

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