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F&B means “food and beverage “. This industry mainly consists of restaurant, café and fast food business.

F&B industry’s growth is in proportion to country’s economic growth and population growth.


  •  ①Economic decrease → Salary decrease → Eat-out Expense decrease
  •  ②Population decrease → User decrease → Profit decrease
  •  ③Population aging increase → Core user decrease → Profit decrease


On the other hand, Players in F&B industry change above bad factors to chances.


  • ①   Economic decrease → Expand business to Asia/ other country
  • ②   Population decrease → Specialized to their strength
  • ③   Population aging increase → Find new market (Delivery food service for nursing purpose)


Food & beverage are the most important elements for our life, so F&B industry has huge market. According to statistics 2012 by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, the number of store /restaurant in Japan is around 600,000 and the market size is about ¥250,000 billon.


Among highly competitive market, meeting consumers various needs is the key point.  It is directly linked to sales and profit.

Therefore, You have to keep finding out new business style and idea.


Preferable students for F&B Business

The most important in F&B business is to keep improving in the quality of service on the site.


Even Marketing, Production development, Sales promotion, Planning or Purchase department have to focus on what’s going on the site.

The frontline of F&B business is their site (restaurant, shop, store, and etc)

 Even Large F&B company, McDonald and Starbucks strongly gives high priority to the frontline.


F&B Business requires you to have 

・  Communication skills

・  Make customers happy

・  Ability to find out what customers want

・  Give customers new value or special value     

・  Motivation to learn on the site

・  Vitality and stamina 

・  Future vision and dream


You have to imagine what you want to be in future through experience in F&B business.

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