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Manufacturing Detail

Manufacturers process ingredients and materials, develop goods, and sell them to department stores, retailers, and vendors. Industrial products such as electrical appliances, cars, food, drinks, and clothes that we see in our daily lives are included in the manufacturing industry.

Before goods go into the market, they go from

Manufacturers → Wholesalers → Retailers/Vendors →Consumers, which is the basic process.

In order to keep developing good products that meet the market’s need, retailer’s / vendor’s roles, communicating with consumers face to face is very important. Thus, the number of manufacturers that sell products as retailers / vendors and open up a new markets have been increasing.


On the other hand, there are many manufacturers that manufacture products that we don’t usually see in our daily lives, which are for instance, the companies that produce

・Precision machinery
・Electrical components
・Industrial products etc.

These companies are not so popular, but in fact there are many top companies that dominate shares in a global market.

In the past few years, the manufacturing industry has developed abroad dramatically especially in China and other Asian countries. Many companies are manufacturing mainly abroad and trying to reduce production costs.

However the key to succeed recently is how wide companies can expand their market abroad.


Manufactures that produce goods require management skills to control many employees and to have technology and niche reflecting each industry’s demand. Relationship with suppliers who deal with materials and components, and communication skills to deal with retailers about sales is also crucial for some departments.

Manufactures are required to have knowledge about each industry, to be flexible, and to develop staff who can create new value and benefit.

Preferable students for Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry require you to have skills

・ Specialty and skills for the field.
・ Management with various type of member
・ Having good relationship with suppliers
・ Communication with vendors
・ Business thinking with your specialty
・ Flexibility
・ Challenging sprits and Global mind
・ Making new value

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