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Real Estate

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Real estate deals in property development, sales/ purchases/ leases/ management of buildings, houses, properties, land, track homes, ready-built houses, etc. Real estate agencies help people buy or sell their houses as an intermediary between sellers and buyers.

The current property market has been valuing renovations more than building new houses
caused by the decreasing birth rate, aging population and economic stagnation.

The property market has been becoming to value recycling properties as the number of used houses is increasing. Thus, we forecast the real estate industry will develop dramatically in the future.

Apartment managements are expected to develop drastically the most in this industry because many buildings are half century old and more properties will need to be fixed or rebuilt soon.

Economy tends to influence this industry. Therefore, This industry needs to do more research in what is going on in the world at all times, and keep changing to adopt the next generation’s business.

Preferable students for Real Estate

Real estate agent cannot satisfy customers with only information, even it is expert knowledge. It is due to Internet. Information of property is everywhere.
Therefore, they require you to have the skills
・ Consulting for each customer’s satisfaction
・ Flexibility
・ Finding out each customer’s needs speedy
・ Understanding each customer’s problem properly
・ Proposing solutions for each customers
・ Making something clear and communicating

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