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Wholesalers need to take advantage of being in the middle of retailers that sell products and manufactures that make products.

Wholesalers should collect various information, use this info, and provide product information, plans, and suggestions that meet consumer’s needs to retailers, and information about the food that consumers need manufactured. Thus, wholesalers have a curial role, which is to make suggestion about the development of new products.

Manufactures and retailers can optimise the distribution and reduce burdens of people and jobs.

Under the recession, sales of retailers and wholesalers are decreasing but there are some companies that are making profits. You can see the big gap in the sales between successful companies and companies that are losing profits.

Expected decline in markets due to a decrease in population and worse economy situations will probably make this gap increase more as these successful companies will make more profits as their business grow while other companies will make less profits as their business downsize.

It’ll be important for retailers and wholesalers to expand the relationship with customers that is the core of sales, reduce cost for stored goods, develop products, and reinforce sales conditions in the future.

Beneficial elements here are not only to see from a customer’s perspective in order to meet their needs, but also be motivative, challenging, creative, innovative, and act without being told in order to reach the goal. It’s also significant to be flexible to be ahead of the market, and be able to create new values for wide ranged businesses.

This industry requires people to comprehend, organise, and proceed to respond to customer’s requests at a high level, and to cooperate and manage people to achieve the goal.

Preferable students for Retail/Wholesale industry

Retail and Wholesales industry focus on
・ Acquisition of new customers
・ Brush up relationship of existing customers
・ Optimize logistic and inventory cost
・ Finding new products which will be trend
・ Improving purchase condition

Retail and Wholesales industry needs you to have skills
・ Understanding what consumers want
・ Challenging sprits
・ Innovation
・ Creation of new value
・ Action and achievement your goal.
・ Flexibility with market trend

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