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The internet has changed our life. We can find anything on the internet and communicate with our friends through social networking services, SNS.

The internet has become inevitable for our lives.

Recently, we can use the internet anywhere and anytime we want thanks to the high speed internet and new mobile environments.

More companies are accelerating business using the internet because of the increase of the internet users. In terms of advertisements, companies in Japan have spent on the Internet, and it has exceeded newspaper and grown into the second media behind TV advertisements since 2009.

The web industry deal with planning and producing websites, etc for many companies that are attempting to spread the information through the internet.

This industry seeks creators who can produce high-quality designs, develop new technology, and planners with marketing and innovative skills to be able to create a new business.

Moreover, flexibility is also required to be able to adjust to the rapid changes in web industry. In the past few years, SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, etc as new media have developed dramatically.

They enable all users as information senders to connect with other people and companies, and create new business opportunities by using customer’s feedback and reviews that didn’t exist in the other media before .

There is also something new such as cloud services that allow you to use various applications online, dramatically increased popularity of smart phones, etc in this industry.

The web industry gives you various stimulations and opportunities to succeed.

Preferable students for Web Related industry

Web industry is keeping evolving. They need you to have skill of
・ High quality design
・ Developing application with New technology
・ Making new business
・ Marketing

In addition, they require “ Flexibility”
Facebook and Twitter is the new Internet service as new MEDIA.
They let all users be origin of Information. It connects user and company and makes new business chances which existing media can not provide us.

“ Cloud service”, “ Smartphone”, “SNS” and etc.
Internet can change everything.
Web industry is the center of it and can give you various exciting and chances for changing the world.

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