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Consulting firms are companies that provide consultations about business including finance, staff, structure, IT, etc and provide information about business strategies, which helps customers mainly large companies plan and conduct them.

As for the market size in the consulting industry, there are various kinds of consulting businesses and many organisations like information services, etc provide consulting services as well.

Management consulting firms are mainly categorised into economic consulting, strategy consulting, information technology consulting, human resource management consulting, and think tank consulting. The main stream in the past was strategy consulting firms but it’s shifting to general consultants mainly with IT consulting.

We expect that demand of business continuity planning, BCP and support for starting up business overseas will increase, and more companies will expand their business in Asia in the future.

Consulting jobs require problem solving skills that allow you to comprehend current situations of your clients and their business with a calm manner, analyse problems, and make suggestions. Thus, it is necessary for you to be always logical.

You also need to be strong and tough mentally in order to deal with individual problem from different perspectives.
It is also required for people to question everything; why and how this problem is happening, etc.

You’re expected to bring a result in a certain period. Thus, it is important to identify and comprehend your client’s problems quickly, analyse them, and make suggestions to solve them. Management skills that allows you to proceed with the project efficiently are also required.

About Consulting Job

If you want to be consultant, you have to have skills

・ Understanding client’s condition and present situation of client’s industry
・ Analysis of above condition and problem with many-side
・ Proposal with solution against the problems
・ Logical thinking and overlooking
・ Finding the roots of the problem
・ Management with timeline and your team
・ Communication with your client to keep good relationship

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