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IT Engineer

IT Engineer Detail

IT engineering deals in a wide ranged of areas from system engineering to user support.
Main IT engineers duties are following:

1. System consultant
Engineers accomplish information technology by executing customer’s business strategies. They also analyse company’s environment, a business situation/ flow thoroughly, develop/ plan systems that can solve issues and match with business strategies as well as proceeding with management planning and making suggestions.

2. System engineering
System engineers called SE are involved in the whole process such as designing system reflecting on costumer’s requests, management planning, making specifications, introducing and maintaining the system. Of course system engineers manage projects and project teams.

3. Sales engineering
Sales engineers provide various technological supports from making suggestions of introducing products to customers to supporting them after the introduction. Sales engineers need to identify customer’s problems and find solutions.

About IT Engineer Job & Skills

There are many types of duties involved in IT engineering:
- System consulting
- System engineering
- Sales engineering
- Network engineering
- Server engineering

Required skills vary depending on fields. However general required skills are following:
- Knowledge of IT
- Project management skills
- Understanding of IT system
- Ability to identify potential / current issues for clients.
- Communication skills

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