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Marketing Detail

Marketing involves jobs to do research consumer’s needs, and inform new products or services in an attractive way in order to encourage consumers to purchase them.

You’ll analyse statistic data to find market’s needs, approach targets with ads, and lead consumers to purchase. It’s required to understand functionalities and characters of products and companies well and to have high business skills.

Marketing staff makes products and services sellable. Sales departments, public relations, etc deal with marketing in some companies

Main jobs are market research and analysis of products and services, planning strategies to sell products.
Marketing staff will need to come up with advertisement strategies and organise ads.
Staff in the marketing department might need to deal with wide ranged work such as developing new products and services.

It’s becoming more difficult to promote and sell products due to the competition in the current market where there are many kinds of products and services.

Marketing through websites is becoming more beneficial as consumers started getting information through the internet more than TV, news paper, magazines, etc.

Marketing involves various jobs including coming up with ideas that will stimulate consumers to purchase. Marketing is a rewarding job and suitable for people who enjoy challenging and the change of time.

About Marketing Job

Job of Marketing is to make your products or services are “salable”.
Marketing could be categorized in Sales department or PR department in the company that does not have marketing department.

Main work of Marketing is
- Research and Analysis of products or services
- Planning sales strategy
- Making promotion tool and arranging advertisement

Developing new products or new service for your company could be one of marketing job.

Recently, many products and services have surrounded our life.
Therefore, it has been harder to sell or promote the products and services.

According to present satiation, you need to
− Design attractive promotion
− Participate various works to sell
− Forecast the market trend
− Be challenge for new things
− Be interested in the market change

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