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HR (Personnel)

HR (Personnel) Detail

Personnel departments involve wide-ranged jobs such as recruitment, payroll, and any other tasks related to employees. There are three main duties in this department.

1. Recruitment
Recruitment includes hiring graduate students or hiring experienced people. Personnel departments build annual recruitment strategies and manage any employment situations. They sometimes use other institutions like recruitment companies to find qualified workers.

2. Payroll
Payroll involves not only calculating employee’s wages, but also calculating insurance and pensions.

3. Training
Personnel’s duty involves providing the best environment for workers. They make sure all staff are mentally and physically healthy. Training includes new staff training, regular existing staff training, and training for each post.

Personnel functions as a big role for companies because companies consist of employees.
Thus, main duty in this department is to hire qualified and experienced people and train them continuously.

About HR(Personnel) Job

HR department has important function for the company.
Company can not keep their business without employee.
Therefore, recruiting superior or proper staff and keeping training of them is main function for HR Department.

Required skills for personnel.
- Ability to construct recruitment strategies.
– Communication skills to communicate with different types of staff in various departments.
– Fair to evaluate employee impartially.
– Management skills
– Ability to understand cultural differences.
- Ability to mange requests from staff.
- Understanding of the company( services, products, company policy)
– Coaching skills
- Goal oriented

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