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Sales Detail

Sales jobs are to sell products and services to customers. It is the core of business.

Sales are categorised into the following:

1. Corporate sales that deal with registered companies and corporations.

2. Private sales that deal with private businesses.

3. Route sales that deal with your existing customers regularly.

Jobs may involve planning, research, and customer service on top of selling products and providing service.

Sales person needs to promote information about her/his company’s products and services to costumers, and encourage customers to sign contracts.

Sales skills to have costumers purchase products and services by understanding customer’s needs and problems from their perspectives and making suggestions to solve problems are also required.
Some companies may require special knowledge or qualifications to sale products and services.

It is a rewarding job that you may receive bonus by achieving goals depending on companies.

About Sales Job

Basic work of Sales is to introduce your company’s products or services to your client. Final goal is to close the deal with them.

Therefore, Sales department requires you to have
− To understand client’s need and problem with customer’s perspective
− To propose better solution for each problem
− To be flexible for each client’s satiation

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