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SCS Global – (Singapore Office)

One team, No border.
SCS Global is an International group of advisory & professional services firm.
SCS Global Network is more than 14 countries/regions and 31 companies.

Company Business

SCS Global in Brief

SCS Global is an international group of advisory & professional services firms founded in 2002. We are an independent and result driven organisation, committed to provide practical, value-added and quality services. Our expertise stems from our seasoned partners and a key group of employees who have prior experience in BIG Four, other consultancy companies, banks & other financial institutions.

SCS Global Business is Accounting, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Tax Compliance and Assuarance


We have around 250 own professionals working in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and US. Our network is complemented by joint ventures and strategic alliances bringing the total headcount of available resources to over 1,500. The pool of talent and our operating philosophy help us to provide seamless solutions across the globe.

Deriving from our multicultural background, we also offer our services in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia and other local languages.

Our clientele ranges from SMEs to large MNCs and includes companies from various industries and countries. SCS Global continues to be a trusted partner for our growing customer base of over 2000 clients.

Functions of Singapore Office

SCS Global’s head office, SCS Global Holdings Pte.Ltd,  is in Singapore. Main function of SCS Global Holdings is overseeing to other member firms.

In addition, SCS Global has 4 entities in Singapore as operating company other than SCS Global Holdings Pte.Ltd.

We have more than 500 clients in Singapore only.

We have the following functions in each entity to cover and solve various client’s needs and problems. 


SCS Global Singapore Division is consist of Singapore Global Professionals (S), SCS Global Consulting (S), SCS Global Financial Advisory and SCS Global PAC.

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Company's Policy

“One team, No border”   

SCS Global is the brand under which hundreds of dedicated professionals in separate firms provide professional services. These firms form the SCS Global network.

SCS Global Network is over 15 countries. We cover Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, Myanmar, India and Taiwan

Each SCS Global member firm provides services in a particular geographic area and is liable for their own acts or omissions and not those of others.

SCS Global member firms maintain a supportive environment which is overseen by SCS Global Holdings Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore.

All members are committed to deliver quality services with emphasis on integrity and act ethically to serve all of the clients.

“As a Trustworthy Partner”

We are a generalist provider of services and take assignments across industries. Our client includes local and multinational companies from sectors such as:


At SCS global, we possess a vast amount of sector knowledge despite being a generalist provider of services. We utilise the gathered knowledge of our past projects in combination with relevant professional expertise to match the specific requirements for each client. This is part of our “One Team, No border” approach.


Company Information

Company Name (Head Office)SCS Global Holding Pte.Ltd.
Company name (Singapore Office)SCS Global Professionals (S) Pte.Ltd.
SCS Global Consulting (S) Pte.Ltd.
SCS Global Financial Advisory Pte.Ltd.
SCS Global PAC
Address10 Anson Road, #14-06 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
President Kenichi Shohtoku
Incorporation2nd September 2002 (In 2008, SCS Global Holdings was established as holding company)
Group Network14 countries/regions 31 firms + 5 Alliance Firms
- Singapore
- Japan
- Hong Kong
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- Indonesia
- Myanmar
- China
- Untied States
- Vietnam
- Taiwan
- Thailand
- Korea
- Turkey
- India

+ 5 Alliance Firms
Business Area・Incorporation
・Accounting /Financial Reporting
・Payroll Services
・Corporate Tax, Individual Tax
・International Taxation
・Tax Planning Services
・M&A Advisory
・Financial Due Diligence
・Risk Management Consulting
・Expansion /Restructuring Consulting
・Review etc.
Professionals member of SCS Global GroupAround 250

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