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SCS Global – (Singapore Office)

One team, No border.
SCS Global is an International group of advisory & professional services firm.
SCS Global Network is more than 14 countries/regions and 31 companies.

Career Step

We, SCS Global, place more importance on how you work and what you achieve than on your nationality, age and sex. We count on your effort, challenge and achievement. Promotion never goes by seniority at SCS Global.

The following is our general career step. It describes what you are going to do on each position generally.  

You will be assigned to support Singapore local company’s daily operation at first until you master Singapore local knowledge and gain sufficient experience. 

Next step is supporting their global expansion and maintaining their global operation with other SCS Global member firms. 

Every single our professional is working with SCS Global’s philosophy , One team, No border. We expect you to be beyond average local expert and to keep an eye on the world. 


General Career step at SCS Global 

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Required Skill and Knowledge on each position



At SCS Global, You will be challenged by the assignments that you work with, gain exposure to a wide scope of different projects and have a progressive learning experience while working in a multicultural team.

Expected Outcome

Special outcome from SCS Global 

We believe you will gain the following expected outcome from working in SCS Global within at least 3 years, if you continue to do your best.


The reason of the expected outcome

We have continued to expand our operations and have developed professional knowledge especially in Asia scince establishment. It’s been for more than 10 years that we have exerted to find out best solutions to our client’s international matters and have led our clients to success in each country. 

We strongly believe this is why clients still need our solutions for not only local matters, but also international matters. 

The following shows main our services to cover local and international matters. You can be assigned in some international projects based on the services. 


Multiculture team 

International matters which clients have are not easy to find out best solutions, even if you know local professional knowledge. However, you must be a trusted partner of all clients and do your best for every single project and service as a professional of SCS Global.

Then, you can use the one of our strength, SCS Global own network (including Joint venture and affiliates ), and lead them to success. Our global network is now over 14 countries/regions, 31 companies and 250 professionals. In addition, our network is complemented by joint ventures and strategic alliances bringing the total headcount of available resources to over 1,500.  

The pool of talent and our operating philosophy help you to provide seamless solutions across the globe.


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