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Accounting Detail

Accounting jobs is to record daily business transaction with money base and to manage company’s cash flow and income properly.

Recording business transaction is not simple, but is complicated.
・ Sales
・ Cost of sales
・ General expense
・ Administrative cost
・ Cash inflow
・ Cash outflow
・ Receipt
・ Payment etc.

Accounting department has to manage company’s transaction daily, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Important part of Accounting is
・ Preparation of Financial statement
・ Preparation of Consolidated Financial statement
・ Management subsidiary account
・ Preparation of Corporate tax
・ Making budget etc.

About Accounting Job

Accounting department is the most necessary department in every company or organization, even NPO or government organization.

If Accounting job cannot be worked well, the company or organization can mislead their management easily.

Accounting makes basement of company, therefore they requires you to

・ Be stick routine work
・ Analysis present and previous figures
・ Have management mind
・ Look over company’s future
・ Be sensitive for figures
・ Have logical thinking
・ Understanding local accounting standard or tax regulation

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