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Engineering is a very important job in the manufacturing industry. Engineers design and develop various products such as electricities, cars, machines, semiconductors, etc. Engineering is mainly categorised into the following:

1. Electrical & electronic engineering

Electrical & electronic engineers create new technology and develop electricities, cars, industrial machines, etc. Signal processing, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunication and control system are included in this industry.

2. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers plan, design, draw, process, evaluate, etc to manage the whole process.
They deal in a wide range of areas including aeroplanes, rockets, cars, industrial machineries, etc.

3. R&D Engineer

R&D engineers not only develop new technology but also put it to practical use. They also develop prototype models, experiment various durability tests, and examine the results.

Engineering is a core in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry has developed worldwide. There are many different types of engineers. Therefore, required skills vary depending on companies, products, and fields.

About Engineer Job & Skills

- Logical thinking
– Knowledge in the field
– Willing to learn new things continuously
- Innovative mind
- Ability to see from user’s perspective.
- Flexibility to reflect on trend.
- Open-minded
- Ability to focus on one thing.
- Team player
- Challenging
- Ability to think outside the box

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