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The finance industry ranges businesses such as banks, trust banks, credit unions, stocks, insurance( life insurance and liability insurance), real estate finance, leasing, credit cards, trust, government-affiliated financial institutions, etc.

Currently internet financial business is doing well because mortgage sales are increasing with low interest.

As for insurance business, the domestic market is falling caused by the decreasing birth rate and aging population. Many insurance companies have started industry reorganisation, diversification of business, or business abroad.

In terms of business configuration, internet sales, over the counter sales at banks, agent’s sales at stores, etc are increasing profits as new business replacing traditional methods done by sales people.

Especially internet insurance that sells reasonable insurance is becoming common and is increasing the competitions.

This industry requires ambitious workers who enjoy learning new things, keep studying and gaining knowledge/ information about business.

Other important factors for workers in this industry are abilities to take actions. You should be able to understand your roles and aims in the team, be self-motivated, and motivate people around you.

Communication skills and being flexible in order to improve qualities of services are also desired skills in this industry.
Positive person who feels natural about making profits. Being positive may allow you to see things you couldn’t see before.
The key to grow and succeed in this industry is to always set a higher goal and attempt to reach it without being satisfied with current situations.

Preferable students for Finance industry

Finance industry requires you to keep to study and to get knowledge of business. You have to know client’s business, finance condition and management.

In addition, Finance industry mainly uses money.

This industry requires you to have skills
・ Improving yourself
・ Getting new information and knowledge
・ Keeping to study your specialty and client needs
・ Action and work with your team
・ Understanding your role in your team
・ Well communication with your client and team to brush up service
・ Positive thinking for making money naturally

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