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Trading is to conduct selling and buying products with dealers from other countries. Japan is always placed as a top trading country in the world.

Japan has lack of natural resource so that we’ve been importing most goods such as fuel resources like oil & industrial materials from foreign countries. We specialise in trading processed goods, which involves exporting products we processed and made into other goods.

Currently, we can transfer ‘people, goods, money, and information’ to any other countries easily and quickly because of the development of IT.

This is changing the trades by globalization, which is influencing the worlds economically, politically, and culturally.

Globalization is increasing ‘direct investments’ such as trading service including transport, travelling, telecommunication, construction, insurance, finance, information, etc, buying foreign companies, building factories and establishing companies.

This industry is where you can feel reality such as the state of the world because it’s related to various industries and what is happening in the world.

Trading covers wide ranged fields including retailers, trading companies, shipping companies, airlines, banks, etc in order to avoid various risks that may occur when we trade with overseas companies.
Thus, it’s important for us to have detailed ideas of which industry you would like to be in, which parts of trading jobs you would like to be in charge of, etc.


Trading is suitable for a responsible, organized, and sincere person because each process is important. It also requires being always interested in current news, being ambitious about gaining knowledge of various products, and challenging the job because what’s happening in the world has a a huge influence on the job,

A Valuable factors for this industry are to see things globally and to be sensitive about the changes of the world.

Preferable students for Trade Business industry

Trading business has various risks, because of multiple national deals.
For hedging the risk, Trading Company is not only one company in trading business.
You can join in
・ Manufacturing
・ Trading company
・ Shipping company
・ Airline
・ Bank

One by one process of operation is important factor for trading business.
In addition, the business is affected by world affairs.

Therefore they look for you to have skills
・ Responsibility
・ Interest of current world topics
・ Curiosity for variety products and trend
・ Global mind
・ Sensitiveness for world trend

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