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IT is a base of information that makes companies and industries function effectively and support the business growth.
IT companies provide service and systems of hard software networking, which is developing every day.

Currently, IT companies including big companies as well as start-up companies cover various business such as

・Hardware development,
・Software development,
・System integration,
・Networking telecommunication, etc.

These companies are mainly categorised into two types, ‘solution type’ that backs up clients by utilising the current technology and management, or ‘innovation type’ that creates new technology and value. It is significant for you to know which type that the company where you would like to work for in the future belongs to.

Companies of ‘solution type’ require people to have skills to make good suggestions and solve problems for your clients. It’d also be beneficial to be flexible for changes, to have excellent knowledge of IT, and to know which departments: sales, planning, operating, developing departments, etc, you would like to choose reflecting on your unique skills

Companies of ‘innovation type’ tend to require people to have skills in order to create new technology and values, marketing skills that discover the needs in the market by analysing it, technological capabilities to be able to develop new products, and planning skills that create new goods and service.

Today there are more companies that are deploying the wider market abroad.

Preferable students for IT industry

IT Company includes
・ Hardware development
・ Software development
・ System integrator
・ Network communication

IT Company can be categorized briefly
・ ” Solution Type” – support client with existing technology and knowhow
・ “ Innovation Type” – generate new technology and new service

「Solution Type」

They look for you to have skills of
・ Finding problem and making proposal
・ Solving the problem and improving
・ IT knowledge

You can join in Sales, Planning, Development and Operation.
You have to find out what your strength is.

「Innovation Type」

They look for you to have skills of
・ Creativeness for new value
・ Innovation for new technology
・ Finding out needs from market research
・ Marketing
・ Planning for new products and service

IT industry is worldwide.

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